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  • Cylinder Dryers are an efficient
    & cheapest system for fabric drying,
    with energy saving, since it is
    direct contact drying.
  • Cylinder Dryers are designed for
    single or double end fabric,
    running side by side for getting
    higher production.
  • High efficient drying capacity is
    ensured at higher temperature working.


  • Side wall - I beam or fabricated chanel
  • Fabric entry to the first Cylinder can be
    from top or bottom, as per customer request
  • Heavy duty ball bearing with pedestal for longer life
  • Compensator assembly, controlled by pneumatic and
    mechanical for tension control on fabric
  • Suitable number of stainless steel guide roll from 125mm diameter
  • Condense water removal by separate pipe for initial start of machine
  • Cooling cylinder mounted on exit of clothes

Optional items supplied on request

  • Exhaust hood with fan
  • Continuous operation or separately operating
  • Teflon coating of cylinder surface
  • Chiller unit for cooling cylinder
  • Moisture controller from pleva/malho
  • Steam accessories for individual cylinder
  • Temp comtroller
  • Individual motor drive on each cylinder or belt drive