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Diameter 400mm to 800mm
Working Width 1000 to 4000mm
Hydraulic Test Pressure 3 Bar to 9 Bar
Working Pressure 1 Bar to 3 Bar
Inner Shell Thickness 5mm to 12mm (SS / MS)
Outer Shell Thickness 2mm to 4mm
Surface Finish SS 304/316 polished

The defined re-cooling of the web after thermal processing is of special significance. If the web temperature is too high in relation to the next stage of processing e.g. cold pad batch dyeing or in chemical web impregnation, it would make the dye / chemical bath temperature increase within a short time, causing a considerable product quality loss. At Dhara, our scope of production basically includes two types of cooling cylinders with water-spraying system without controlled water circulation or with guide spiral double shell cooling cylinders. The even cooling and the temperature tolerance of less than ± 2°C across the whole width is guaranteed through the precise execution of the water guidance system.

Similarly Oil heating spiral circulation cylinders are offered for Textile & Non Textile industries.